B-Lite Helps You Multi Task

Busy lifestyle ?

B-Lite Helps You Multi Task Like A Boss

Multi Task! These days we have to!😨
And it drains our energy. 😞Busy Life Made Easier With B-Lite Daily Energizer
We get exhausted with our busy lifestyle because there so much to do PLUS we have to work for a living.😲
All of us wish there was 3 of us right?👍 YES!👍
B-Lite Daily Energizer can give you that energy you need. 💥
I take B-Lite personally. I take 1 or 2 in the morning and let me tell you!
I get a ton of stuff done.💪

When I take B-Lite I think clearer and that helps me multi task. 😎Multi Task Easier With B-Lite Daily Energizer
If you are a busy person as most of us are. You owe it to yourself to try B-Lite Daily Energizer.👍
If you would like a FREE SAMPLE go to www.BLiteFeelGoodAgain.com
OR text FREE SAMPLE-HUBLOG to 1-352-697-3015

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Green Thumb

I Now Have A Green Thumb Thanks To Nutrisail’s Core 4 Products

I have been taking the 4 products listed
(below this article) for 3 years now.
So by the start of my second year on the Nutrisail
supplements, I started seeing that I was no longer
killing plants. Furthermore I used to crave really high calorie junk
food – that went away by the end of my 3rd month on the
Nutrisail products.

I had no energy to speak of 3 years ago. It was
probably from all that junk food with no nutritional
value that I was craving.

Now…. Now I am full of energy that lasts all day.
Doing gardening work for 2 plus hours with out tiring. And I no
longer kill plants that I transplant or even touch for that matter.
My cravings for junk food is gone.

Just today I transplanted 82 strawberry plants into my
14′ by 14′ garden area that I cleaned out by hand – all the
weeds and grass and roots, cleaned out in just less then a week.

So before using the Nutrisail products, if I did something like
I explained above, my arthritis would be killing me! Not now.
And since I do not crave the junk food and I am taking the
Nutrisail vitamins and drinking lots of water – my arthritis
no longer bothers me at age 64.

I know a lot of baby boomers like myself that can use these
wonderful products to feel better and to get their energy 
and health back.

Are you one of those people like I used to be?

If so look at the Nutrisail products below.
Those are the products that I take personally.
Click on the bottle or product name to learn
more about them. The ingredients for each
product is on the bottom of each product page.

Patricia Koch 8/26/19

BFree Daily Revitalizer is caffeine free.

B-Free Daily Revitalizer
B-Free  curbed my unhealthy cravings
and gave me better mental clarity. I used
to take a super B complex but it never
did anything like BFree does. This product
has tons of B vitamins which you can feel
working. I makes me feel alive and wanting
to get stuff done. I take 1 of these with breakfast
and dinner.

B Pro Bottle


with Pre & Pro Biotics &
Digestive Enzymes
BPro helped me absorb the nutrients from
the foods & supplements which helped
me get healthy again. I take 1 of these
before breakfast and dinner. And I take 2
before bed. It helps me sleep. It stops my
acid reflux from acting up at night. I no
longer take OTC meds for my acid reflux.

Nutrisail BMax multi vitamin

B-Max Multi Vitamin
I needed a multi so I started taking
this and yes I could feel that they
were helping me more then my
one a day that I was pooping out
whole in the toilet. I take 1 of these
with breakfast. If it is flu season I take 2

Nutrisail BSafe immune booster and daily cleanse

B-Safe Immune Booster
& Daily Cleanse

I take 1 of these with my breakfast.
So during the flu season I take 2 of these a day
It keeps me from getting sick. It boosts my
immune system. Because at age 64 I need that because
I do not do vaccine shots. Besides that BSafe helps me with
elimination. Now I go poo everyday. I feel like BSafe
has helped me get rid of my belly bloat.

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Weight Loss Testimony

Testimony For Maggie G.

Weight Loss Testimony This is this year 2019 April 10th and then June 13th. 

Maggie uses the Nutrisail products, BSafe, BPro,
B-Lite Daily Energizer & BMax. She has turned
her life around. Her health is better and she has
lost all the weight she needs.

Are you ready to have your very own weight

loss testimony and get healthy again?
If so visit Nutrisails website at .
www.NutrisailCore4.com its a great website and explains
what the products can do and also gives you the complete
ingredients lists on all the Nutrisail products.
Check it out for yourself – Now is a good time to do that.

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B-Lite Daily Energizer Ingredients

B-Lite Daily Energizer Ingredients is very extensive and unique.

When it comes to a nutritional supplement formula, we don’t believe in shortcuts. Even if it costs more to produce. That’s why we use all-natural, non-synthetic, region-targeted ingredients from across the globe. When it comes to safety and effectiveness, we think it makes all the difference. So far, our customers agree.

B-Lite has a full array of B Vitamins.
B 1, B 2, B 3, B 5, B 6, B 7, B 9, B 12
The difference between these B Vitamins and the ones you buy in the stores. The store vitamins are just peppered with enough vitamins so they can say it is in the formula. With B-Lite you get quality B Vitamins that will turn your food into energy. You can feel it working!

Also in B-Lite Classic Daily Energizer is
Potassium Iodine

Also with the wonderful B Vitamins, B-lite has a proprietary blend of
Wildcrafted Hoodia Gordonii
Synephrine HCL
Citrus Sinesis – Organic
Green Tea – Organic
Yerba Mate – Organic
Cacao Powder – Organic
Black Pepper – Organic
Cayenne Pepper – Organic

AND There is no fillers, just real quality, highly bio available ingredients

B-Lite Classic Daily Energizer works to change your food into energy,
uplift your mood, reduce your appetite.
Also B-lite helps you make better food choices since it cuts the cravings for sweets and help you lose a few pounds/inches.

So give B Lite Daily Energizer a try today. You have nothing to loose because they have a money back guarantee.
Get your B Lite today at http://herbals-unlimited.com

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Nutrisail B-Pro For Stomach Issues

Nutrisail B-Pro is great for stomach issues

Here are some reason why you may be having stomach and intestinal issues.
Some popular foods, drinks and “medicines” that fuel chronic diseases and disorders.
They can completely destroy good gut bacteria.

Nothing destroys more good gut flora than the acid in soda. Not to mention the havoc it wreaks on your teeth. Also it makes no difference if it’s diet soda.

Also bleached foods (white pasta, white bread, white sugar, white flour, white rice). Because most foods are not naturally white. Bleach is even found in tap water. Beware!

Sucralose (Splenda) – So did you know that sucralose shrinks the thymus and inflames the liver? So guess what, sucralose is the main ingredient in Splenda and Splenda Essentials. Also all artificial sweeteners create a highly acidic system.

Finally, Prescription medications – So if you take chemical medications, like antibiotics, you are destroying your good gut bacteria almost instantly. The result? Major health problems.

Do you want to foster good gut bacteria, immunity, clear thinking and longevity? Eat mostly raw, organic produce. Drink lots of purified fluoride free water.
Also take a high quality pro biotic supplement like B-Pro from Nutrisail.
Available at

Nutrisail B-Pro
B-Pro is what you want to restore better health to your stomach and intestines
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Nutrisail B Products

B Products Explained

Here we will explain the Nutrisail B products and what they are good for.

Our Products Have No Additives, Fillers, Binders, Sweeteners Also No Magnesium Stearate.

Further More Our Nutrisail B Products Are Natural, Organic, Plant Based Also Non GMO. Above All We Have Quality Products Unlike Anything You Will Find Anywhere! Therefore Dare To Compare Other Supplements To Nutrisail. We’re Confident That You Will Fall In Love With Our Products.

B-Lite Classic
Daily Energizer
Takes Your Energy From 4 To 10 And Your Appetite From 10 To 4.
Also Energizes Your Body
And Nourishs Your Brain
Also Controls Your Hunger
Enhances Your Mood
And Boosts Natural Fat Loss
Finally, It’s Loaded With B Vitamins.

B-Lite Xtra
Is For Those Who Need MORE Energy!
Runners, Weight Lifters, Body Builders.
Furthermore B-LITE XTRA is a Healthy Alternative To Those Nasty Tasting Energy Drinks.

Is One Of Our Core Products For Those Caffeine Sensitive Folks. Also Great for Children And Pets. B-Free Has The Same Great Benefits As Our B-LITE Classic, Without The Energy. Therefore B-Free Is Excellent For Use In The Evenings To Stop Those Munchies And Cravings. Also B-Free Is Great To Take On Your Caffeine Free Days.

Is Our Daily Cellular Cleanse
B-SAFE Breaks Down The Stores Fat In Cells. Also B-Safe Removes Toxins, Repels Toxins And Repairs Damage. Finally B-Safe Boosts The Immune System And Offers Thyroid Support

Is Our Probiotics / Enzymes Formula For Complete Digestive Health. With 11 Plant Enzymes And 10 Strains Of Probiotics. B-PRO Can Help With Gas, Bloating, Heartburn, Acid Reflux, Leaky Gut, Digestion, Elimination And More

Is Our Daily Advanced Multi vitamin. B-max Is Not Your Typical Multi vitamin. As With All Our Products B-max Contains Pure Ingredients With Vitamins A, B, C, D (2, 3, 4), E And K. It Has Bamboo Silica For Brain Health By Removing Toxic Aluminum From The Brain And Other Areas Of The Body. B-Max Is Great For Central Nervous System, Hair Skin Nails Bones Joints Eyes And Cardio

Finally – Every Order From Nutrisail Is Backed By Our 100% Money Back Guarantee 60 Day No Questions Asked Return Policy

Nutrisail B Products all six products
Nutrisail B Products
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Nutrisail Products

Learn more about our
Nutrisail Products

Our all natural products are designed to help you live better, feel better and look better.

Our products literally speak for themselves! So research our ingredients and you will see what we mean.

Also Nutrisail uses only the purest grade A ingredients that money can buy. We take no shortcuts and spare no cost when it comes to providing superior products for you our customers.

Our Products have

  • NO Additives

  • Also no Fillers

  • Plus no Binders

  • And No Sweeteners

  • Best of all no Magnesium Stearate

Above all our product are natural, organic, plant based and non GMO. Just quality products unlike anything you will find anywhere! Dare to compare other supplements to Nutrisail Products. We are confident that you will fall in love with our products.

Also every order for our Nutrisail Products is backed by our 100% money back guarantee 60 day,  no questions asked return policy.

Check our products at

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BMax Organic Multi Vitamin From Nutrisail

Looking for a great multi vitamin BMax is it?

BMax Organic Multi Vitamin From Nutrisail is the one you want.
So have done the research for you.
We also have done all the comparisons for you.
Our Multi Vitamin wins it hands down.

With organic ingredients.
GMO & Gluten FREE & Vegan
A, B, C, D, E, K, Bamboo & Astaxanthin.
and your skin, hair, eyes & immune system will
love this product.

Because when it comes to nutritional supplement formulas we don’t believe in shortcuts and that’s why we only use premium, quality tested ingredients from across the globe. So when it comes to safety and effectiveness, we think it makes all the difference. So far, our customers agree.

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B-Lite Classic Daily Energizer – Free Sample Available Now

We have a FREE SAMPLE OF B-LITE Classic Daily Energizer waiting for you. This sample can be a 3 or 6 day sample depending on how many B-Lite you want to take per day.

Most important is if you have never tried
our B-Lite Daily Energizer
here is your chance to try it for free!


Because B-Lite will take your energy from a 4 to a 10
And your cravings from a 10 to a 4

What are you waiting for?

Click on the link below to get your FREE SAMPLE today!

If the answer is yes, you need to try B-Lite Daily Energizer.
Request your free sample today!

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Better Health

Better Health can be easy if you take care of yourself now. Simple lifestyle changes can add years to your life. Learn what healthy routines can extend your life and the bad habits that can shorten it.

We live in an age of contradiction. It’s possible to have better health if you follow a lifestyle that improves your health. At the same time, many of our nation’s youth could die at an age younger than their parents did.

Healthy aging

“Healthy aging” is the term for the normal process your body’s organs go through over the years. However, you need to prevent or delay “unhealthy aging” that happens from poor health habits. So what can you do to make sure you go through “healthy aging” and keep going ’til the age of 100? Here are some everyday habits that can help you live to a healthy 100..


This is important for heart health and flexibility. Also, it may reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s disease. It doesn’t have to be intense activity. The Centers for Disease Control suggests you can add years to your life by doing moderate exercise for about two and a half hours a week. You can do this with a 30-minute walk around the neighborhood. Or you could stroll through a mall five days a week.

Check your waist size

Your belt size is directly related to how long you’ll live. A waist measurement of more than 40 inches for a man of average height means he has a higher-than-average risk for a heart attack and diabetes. For a woman, a waist size over 35 inches puts her at greater risk for these diseases. Why is waist size so important? People with wider abdomens tend to have more fat internally in their organ system, which causes more pressure on your body and risk for damage.

Are you happy?

People who are depressed, guilty, or anxious are more likely to have major health problems than people who have a healthy outlook on life. Lack of sleep because of stress can harm your health. So can fatigue or being tired after being tense all day. You can even cause damage to your health with a poor diet from “nervous eating.”

Eating – it’s not just the calories

Getting enough good calcium into your system is important for bone health. As you get older, more calcium may leak out of your bones, putting you at risk for osteoporosis – making your bones brittle and more likely to break. In addition to calcium, make sure you get enough fiber. High-fiber foods reduce your sugar load, are important for diabetes prevention, and appear to reduce the chance of colon cancer.

Get regular checkups

You may not need a full checkup every year; but as you age, regular exams are more important. Screenings for such cancers as breast, cervical, and colon can catch those cancers early – when they can be cured. Your primary care doctor can also check for high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol. Any of these problems, if not treated, can reduce your life expectancy. Also, if you smoke, quit. It doesn’t matter if you smoke or if you’re regularly around second-hand smoke. Both can shorten your life.

What hurts your life expectancy?

Right now many people are adopting the healthier lifestyles. However, medical professionals recognize this may be the first generation of children may not live as long as their parents did. Why is this and what can be done? The single biggest reason for this trend is childhood obesity. According to a study from Wake Forest University, the rates of childhood obesity are now three times what they were 25 years ago. Children need to get
a more active lifestyle.

Fortunately, smoking rates among teens have fallen from the 1980s. Unfortunately, there has been a sharp increase in the use of illegal drugs. And there’s an even greater increase in the use of prescription drugs such as narcotics, stimulants, and sleeping pills. The problems that come with the use of alcohol and drugs have led to a higher rate of teen suicide and auto accidents.


It’s smart to take vitamins because our foods do not contain all the vitamins and minerals
we need to stay healthy. A good CORE mult-vitamin is a great way to start. Make sure you supplements do not contain any fillers or inactive ingredients such as magnesium stearate or crushed shells for fillers. The best vitamins I have found are on this site Herbals-Unlimited.com

Adopt healthy lifestyles and help promote a longer, healthier lives. Enjoy better health.

Patricia Koch


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