Thermo-Lift Weight Loss Combo

Thermo-Lift Weight Loss Combo

Thermo-Lift Weight Loss Combo


Thermo-Lift Millennium and Millennium CFX, when
taken in combination provide the support you need to
make the most of your weight management efforts.
Millennium’s fat burning, energy boosting, and
appetite controlling properties work optimally with
CFX’s carb-blocking and fat binding formulation to
provide the best possible weight-management support.



• Provides fat-burning properties
• Helps controls appetite
• Increases resting metabolic rate
Boosts energy levels without causing irritability and
• Helps prevent dietary starches from being
absorbed by the body
• Helps bind excess fat from food and eliminate it
naturally through the digestive process
• No uncomfortable, gassy side effects

Thermo-Lift Millennium’s Total Control Combo Pack.

The two products in this pack work together to
conquer the main obstacles in your weight-loss
journey. Together, they offer superior support to
block carbs, bind fat, control appetite, and
enhance metabolism.

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