Rawleigh Ointment For Allergies

Rawleigh Ointment For Allergies

I keep Rawleigh Ointment in my purse. I never leave home with out it. I live in Florida. Right now the pine pollen is the worst!
There is green pollen dust over everything on my back porch.

I get sinus headaches from this pollen and sinuses get plugged up and I cough like crazy!

I recently put the Rawleigh Ointment under my nose when
I was all clogged up and coughing form allergies.
Almost instantly I could breath out my nose! It’s wonderful to
breath again! I stopped coughing too 🙂

It does not say anything on the label that it will help with allergies.
Take my word for it – It helped me 🙂

Here is where you can get your Rawleigh Medicated Ointment and
start breathing freely again………..


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