B-Lite Extra Strength

B-Lite Extra Strength

B-lite Extra Strength from Nutrisail is a blend of natural ingredients that help  burns fat.
Also curbs unhealthy cravings.
And will fuel your day with focus and energy!

Xtra Craving Control

B-Vitamins and other natural ingredients in B-Lite Extra provide the brain nutrition often missing from our diets that restores balance to our natural hunger mechanisms.

Xtra Energy And Stamina

BLiteExtra delivers a stronger wave of feel good energy to keep you on track and powered up through out your day.

Xtra Fat Burning

Further more there are two types of fat. B-Lite Extra promotes a STRONG thermo genic effect in your body that stimulates brown fat ( the good fat ) which in turn burns off white adipose tissue ( the bad fat ). This is what you want.

Xtra Brain Health

BLite Xtra is packed with a full spectrum B Vitamin complex, but that is not all. Potassium Iodide and several other ingredients give your brain what you are not getting in your daily diet.

Xtra B-Vitamins

What sets B-Lite Extra apart from other  supplements is it’s easily absorbable, powerful and complete B Vitamin complex. Even more bio available means you feel it when you need it!

Xtra Focus And Mood Lift

Most of our satisfied customers take B-Lite or B-Lite Xtra because of the way it makes them feel. These potent ingredients work faster and more efficiently on your brain and body to elevate your mood.

To learn more about B-Lite Xtra visit our website to day.

B-Lite Xtra For More Energy That You Need.

B-LiteExtra  Works!!!

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D

So Can the LACK of Vitamin D be affecting those with Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

“In a recent review in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Notes reveal that of the 7 published studies looking at vitaminD status & IBS prevalence.  So four studies concluded vitamin D deficiency is prominent among those with IBS. And with about 75 percent having insufficient levels of VitaminD. Also two intervention studies reported “improvement in IBS symptom scores and quality of life”. As a result of being given vitaminD supplements. Also in 1, 70 percent of IBS patients improved on the vitaminD regimen.” —
Mercola . com

Thankfully Nutrisail has packed BMax with 1250 IU of Organic VitaminD!! 🤗

For more info on BMax please click here: www.Herbals-Unlimited.com/b-max 👍

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Nutrisail B-Safe

When is the best time to take Nutrisail B-Safe

I was asked when was the best time to take Nutrisail B-Safe. So I asked the formulator of the BSafe from Nutrisail. Here is his response.

The closer to the meal the better. Some of the ingredients work on contact in the stomach and others work down the line with the body’s natural filtration and repair functions. The daily detox effect should go nice and smoothly for most without any uncomfortable symptoms. Some may have temporary effects that can be handled by reducing the product and increasing exercise (walking is enough) and pure water.

This is exactly how I take my B-Safe, right before I take my first bite. That is when it does the most good for your body.

For those of you that do not know BSafe from Nutrisail is a powerful immune booster and daily cleanser. B-Safe has helped me loose a few inches in my waist and I no longer get belly bloat.

If you have not given BSafe yet. Give it a try. What have you got to loose?

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B-Pro From Nutrisail

B-Pro From Nutrisail

My  testimony for B-Pro From Nutrisail
Recently, I looked in the mirror and I saw a women with a large belly 🙁 My toes hurt from arthritis. My stomach bloated up after meals. My neck muscles hurt from computer work and tension. I could not sleep due to my reflux and I knew I had to do something because I did not like what was happening to my 62 year old body. They say the older we get the less digestive enzymes we have to digest our food 🙁 So I want to share an experience that I am having with B-Pro From Nutrisail.

 After being on B-Pro for one week

For the last week I have been taking 1 B-Pro before my 2 meals and 2 B-Pro 30 minutes before I go to bed. Here is my results in just 1 week. No more bloating after eating my meal, no more pain under my rib cage from gas after a meal, no more tension in my neck and shoulder muscles, no more arthritic pain in my toes and wrists and no more back aches. I sleep thru the night with no couching and or waking from acid reflux. My reflux is under control when I take the B-Pro. So far I have lost a 1/2″ in my waist. I am not after weight loss with this product but it is a great plus. I feel so much better in just ONE WEEK 🙂
B-Pro puts digestive enzymes in your stomach so you can digest your food better and pro biotics so you have a healthy gut. I have learned that most diseases start in your gut. I tend to believe that now because the longer I take the B-Pro the healthier I feel.
Maybe its time you tried the B-Pro. Read more about this wonderful product at

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Feel Good Again With B-Lite

Blite helps fuel your body feel good again with essential nutrients so you can enjoy your day with more focus and energy!

Also B-Lite curbs your sweet tooth too!

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B-Safe From Nutrisail Is Here

B-Safe From Nutrisail Is Here!

Be clean. Be healthy. B-SAFE.

B-SAFE from Nutrisail provides organic nutrients and compounds to aid cellular cleansing and immune system support.

As a result a strong immune system and a lighter chemical body burden can give you more energy, more focus and the healthy release of excess fat.

Also scientific research continues to discover the negative impact on our health that results from our heavy exposure to a toxic world. So our bodies are overloaded. Our food is under nourished. And our fast paced lifestyle leaves us stressed and fatigued.


We live in an increasingly toxic world. So through our food, medicine and environment, we are exposed to a cocktail of harmful chemicals on a daily basis.

So over time, this chemical body burden can overload our natural elimination methods and may contribute to excess weight, poor energy levels and focus, and generally impact overall health.

Read more about being TOXIC and how B-Safe can help. Go to

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B-Lite Daily Energizer Capsule

B-Lite Daily Energizer Capsule

B-Lite Daily Energizer Capsule increases your energy and decreases your appetite.

When this happens, over time you can loose weight 🙂

I call it my B Vitamins with a KICK ! I only need 1 a day. Some ladies take 4 a day. It’s entirely up to you how many you take in a day, it’s what ever feels right for you.

I used to take a very high potency B Vitamin and never felt any different after I took it. …. When I take my B Lite I can feel the difference it makes in my mood, energy level and it reduces my appetite too.

I know ladies that were able to stop their B 12 shots and just stay on B Lite. This is a fabulous product 🙂

Don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself. There is a money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose by trying it and everything to gain.

Get your B Lite at

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B-Lite Energy Drink

B-Lite Energy Drink In A Capsule

B-Lite Energy Drink In A Capsule, Just Add Water….

That’s Right! It’s true!

So forget the energy drink with all those added fake ingredients and calories.

Take B-Lite – energy in a pill. 
Besides Being All natural
It has 0 calories.
And No fake ingredients.
Also Contains no fillers either.
Finally Just REAL ingredients.
So Get your energy from all natural B-Lite.
And Don’t buy anymore of those expensive calorie filled energy drinks.
So Start on B-Lite today.

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B-Lite Ingredients

B-Lite Ingredients

B-Lite Ingredients is very extensive and unique.

When it comes to a nutritional supplement formula, we don’t believe in shortcuts. Even if it costs more to produce. That’s why we use all-natural, non-synthetic, region-targeted ingredients from across the globe. When it comes to safety and effectiveness, we think it makes all the difference. So far, our customers agree.

B-Lite has a full array of B Vitamins. The difference between these B Vitamins and the ones you buy in the stores. The store vitamins are just peppered with enough vitamins so they can say it is in the formula. With B-Lite you get quality B Vitamins that will turn your food into energy. You can feel it working!

Along with the wonderful B Vitamins, B-lite has a proprietary blend of
Synephrine HCL
Citrus Aurantium
Green Tea
Yerba Mate
Cacao Powder
Black Pepper

There is  no fillers, just real quality, highly bio available ingredients

B-Lite works to change your food into energy, uplift your mood, reduce your appetite.
B-lite helps you make better food choices since it cuts the cravings for sweets and help you lose a few pounds/inches.

Give B Lite a try today. You have nothing to loose because they have a money back guarantee.
Get your B Lite today at http://herbals-unlimited.com

B-Lite Ingredients

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Oral Chelation

Chances are….your life will be affected by cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) claims the lives of more people in the United States then any other disease. According to the American Heart Association, over 60 million Americans have one or more forms of cardiovascular disease. One out of every 2.5 deaths is due to CVD. In the U.S., one person dies every 30 seconds from heart disease. That’s over 2,600 people every single day!

No nutritional product or pharmaceutical drug guarantees total prevention of CVD. But one nutritonal supplement is making real progress a addressing the root cause of CVD. For 20 years, the Original Oral Chelation has helped thousands of people across the United States and Canada remove waste from their cardiovascular system.

While most nutritional products add nutrients to your system, the mission of The Original Oral Chelation is to remove toxins and waste from your system. We generally don’t die because of a lack of nutrients – but because we are significantly occluded or blocked up. Do something about it: take a formula that chelates!

The formulator of The Original Oral Chelation, Harry W. Hersey answers many common questions regarding his formula and it benefits below.

Where did the term “oral chelation” come from?

” I created the first and only true Oral Chelation formula in 1983, so I basically invented the term and oral chelation concept. Others have attempted to copy what I started over 20 years ago, but we’re still the only company with a true oral chelation formula.”

Why did you create The Original Oral Chelation?

” After dealing with IV (intravenous) chelation doctors for a few years, it became apparent that I could achieve the same results using a simple health food formulation that doctors charge hundreds of dollars for. We could get our formulation to millions of people where doctors could only reach hundreds.”

How does The Original Oral Chelation work?

“The Original Oral chelation works the same way as IV chelation but with out the need of a doctor. That’s because we have a non-prescription formulation with no known side effects. Disodium EDTA chelates (attaches) to heavy metals, such as mercury and iron in the blood stream. These heavy metals can lead to the build up of plaque and narrowing of the arteries. Without the use of an oral chelating agent or IV chelation, people will ultimately need bypass sugery or can even die. My answer to living longer is to take The Original Oral Chelation every day.”

What results have you seen with
the use of The Original Oral Chelation?

“Since 1983, we’ve seen hundreds of thousands of people change their health for the better. They are living longer, avoiding surgery and reversing the effects of diabetes. using The Original Oral Chelation, people are living healthier, more fulfilling lives.”

Renamed OC-Classic can be found at

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Oral Chelation Formula # 1 OC-Classic

The original oral chelation now called OC-Classic

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