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B-Lite Energy Drink

B-Lite Energy Drink In A Capsule B-Lite Energy Drink In A Capsule, Just Add Water….  That’s Right! It’s true! Forget the energy drink with all those added fake ingredients and calories. Take B-Lite – energy in a pill.  All natural,  … Continue reading

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B-lite for energy & weight loss & appetite control I tried B-Lite & I love it! I personally took ONE CAPSULE  early in the morning before breakfast. Once I was done with my breakfast, I had so much energy I … Continue reading

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Obesity In America

 Obesity In America Being overweight increases the risk of health conditions & diseases including: Breast cancer Coronary heart disease Type II diabetes Sleep apnea Gallbladder disease Osteoarthritis Colon cancer Hypertension Stroke Contributing factors to the obesity epidemic Many of America’s … Continue reading

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