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Here Are Some Health Tips I Have Tried Over The Years   |     

I will be adding a healthy tip 
or a healthy recipe each week

Drink water, look younger

Drink 3 quarts of water daily for...
More energy,
Help with weight loss,
Helps bring down inflammation & pain.
Hydrates your skin = less wrinkles
It's best to use a water filter of some kind
If nothing else then just a Brita water filter
to filter out the chlorine.

Nutrisail B-Lite daily energizer awakens your mind and body

Rawleigh Bee Secret for headaches

I had this low grade headache that just seemed to
hang around. Not bad enough to take tylenol.
So I rubbed some Rawleigh Bee Secret behind each
ear and at the base of my neck and
at each temple.In less then 2 minutes
my headache was gone and it never came back.

I (Patricia Koch -Trish) really enjoy helping
others regain their health back. 
I am Health Coach and a
Nutrisail Distributor for quality supplements like
B-Lite Classic Daily Energizer.
It's a blessing when others get healthy again.
I have been studying the health benefits of  diet change
and supplements for years. With my knowledge
and the correct products you just might get your health back.
Have a health problem? Send Trish A Email ,
let's get you back to being healthy again.

Connect with Trish  by visiting her facebook page


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