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Vitamin B 12
A Very Important Vitamin
Vitamin B12 is in all of Nutrisail's products

Vitamin B12 Is In All Of Our NutriSail Vitamins

Twenty percent of Americans over the age of 50
are deficient in Vitamin B12.
Aside from being essential for cognition and
brain health maintenence,
Vitamin B12 can help you achieve peak health.

B-12 usually gets the most attention for helping
boost energy levels and with losing weight.
Vitamin B 12 supports red blood cell formation in the body.
It will also assist in the removal of toxins and free radicals
produced from oxygen metabolism.

B12 also affects the synthesis of fatty acids and the
production of energy. B 12 is necessary for digestion,
protein synthesis, absorption of foods, and the
metabolism of fat and carbohydrates.

Most OTC B12 use cyanocobalamin as the B12 source.
It is the cheapest form of B12 used in vitamins.
The body and nervous system cannot use it directly
and must first convert it to methylcobalamin.
This conversion takes a lot of energy.

Our Nutrisail vitamins use methylcobalamin as the B12 source. 
This is the most bio-available and most readily absorbed
form of B12. It is also the specific form needed by the
nervous system (along with other benefits, it helps with vision and sleep).

Don't buy over the counter B 12 or a OTC B complex.
If you want a very good B-Complex try
our BFree. You WILL feel the difference.

Nutrisail BFree Daily Revitalizer, increases mental clarity, mood, energy. Decreases cravings
B-Free Daily Revitalizer
I used to take a super B complex but it never
did anything like BFree does. This product
has tons of B vitamins which you can feel
working. It makes me feel alive and wanting
to get stuff done.
I take 1 of these with breakfast and lunch.
So glad I found these!
I feel ALIVE again!
Patricia Koch in Florida

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These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.


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