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BXtra Extra Strength - BLite Again
Energizing Fat Burner For Help With Weight Loss

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Nutrisail BXtra daily energizing fat burner
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It’s time to...feel & look good again - BLite Again

BXtra from Nutrisail is a blend of
natural ingredients that ...
*Burns Fat And Calories
*Curbs Cravings
*Boosts Energy
*Helps You Lose Weight
*Lifts Mood
**Lasts All Day**

Xtra Craving Control

B-Vitamins and other natural ingredients
in BXtra provide the brain nutrition
often missing from our diets - that restores
balance to our natural hunger mechanisms.

Xtra Energy And Stamina

BXtra delivers a significantly stronger
wave of feel good energy to keep you on track
and powered up through out your day.

Xtra Fat Burning

There are two types of fat. B-xtra
promotes a STRONG thermogenic effect
in your body that stimulates brown fat
( the good fat ) which in turn burns off
white adipose tissue ( the bad fat ).
This is what you want.

B-Xtra Brain Health

BXtra is packed with a full spectrum
B-Vitamin complex, but that is not all.
Potassium Iodide and several other
ingedients give your brain what you
are not getting in your daily diet.

Xtra B-Vitamins

What sets B-Lite Extra apart from
other similar supplements is it's easily
absorbable, powerful and complete
B-Vitamin complex.
More bioavailable means you feel it when you need it!

Xtra Focus And Mood Lift

Most of our satisfied customers take
B-Lite or B-Xtra because of the
way it makes them feel.
These potent ingredients work faster
and more efficiently on your brain
and body to elevate your mood.

BXtra Reviews:

Trish K. FL
I Woke up this morning, took 1 BXtra
way before breakfast.
Twenty minutes later I was ready to
take on the world! Then my hubby
cut down three BIG trees and I worked
ALL day cleaning them up. Thanks to
B-Lite Xtra we got it all done in one day.
BXtra gives you all day sustained energy.

Thank you Nutrisail for another wonderful product. **
Patricia Koch
Patricia K. FL
This morning I woke up with BRAIN FOG.
I took 1 B-Lite Xtra about 45 minutes
before breakfast with a large glass of water. 
Twenty minutes later my brain fog was GONE. **
B Xtra Rocks!

Safety, Purity, Potency

Unlike many other “diet pills” you see on
the market, Blite Xtra actually is an
all natural, non-synthetic blend of ingredients
that work together to create that amazing feeling.
There are
no fillers or label dressing ingredients.
Every ingredient serves a purpose and you will notice it!

No GMo's, Gluten Free, Vegan.

BXtra Ingredients, bx lite xtra ingredients


60 Day Money
Back Guarantee
Free Shipping On
Orders Over $99.00




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