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4 Foods To NOT Eat To Avoid Belly Fat
hamburger, fries, coke add to belly fat
Soda - Soda pop is pure liquid calories.
A single super-sized drink, the kind you can get from a convenience
store, packs as much pure sugar as an entire chocolate cake. Instead
of a Beer Belly you get a Soda Belly. 

White bread
- White bread is made from highly processed white
flour. Nearly all the vitamins, minerals and fiber found in whole
grains have been completely removed. The result is a carbohydrate
that is quickly processed by your body, causing your blood sugar
and insulin to spike, and then drop. This process, if repeated often
enough, can increase belly fat.

French fries
- The problem is that most of the French fries served
by restaurants and fast food outlets are fried in hydrogenated
trans fats
-- Trans fats, found in many processed foods other
than French fries, should also be avoided as they add to belly fat.

- Because it's usually made with ground beef and
processed cheese, the all-American hamburger is sky high in
saturated animal fats.  Extra calories in the form of saturated
fats = more weight in the abdominal area = belly fat


I suggest moderation of the above foods and taking our B-Lite Energizing Fat Burner (take at least
1 or 2 capsules, 6 days a week) This can help you get rid of belly fat and dring lots of water not soda. You can find our Fat Burner at the link below.

You should see  and feel a difference in your first 30 days.


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