BXtra Strength Energizing Fat Burner Does Have Side Effects – Beware!

Here we will Review Nutrisail BXtra Side Effects

BXtra Strength Energizing Fat Burner Does Have Side Effects – Beware!

B-Lite Classic Extra strength REFORMULATED to be BXtra. Yes! It’s true!😔

With the old B-Lite Xtra it would give me the jitters. With the old one, if I did not get up and expel some energy I would get very irritated.😖

I am very happy with the reformulated version now called BXtra Strength Energizing Fat Burner.👍
You will be too.

So BXtra has fat burning herbs, appetite suppressing herbs, energy herbs and vitamins.
It’s jam packed with all the ingredients I personally love.💓

You’re wondering what the side effects are with the reformulated BXtra Fat Burner. I will get to that.

When BXtra Strength Energizer came out as B-Lite Xtra reformulated. I was very skeptical . We all know when a company “reformulates” a product. Its never the same. Well its not the same. Its better😍

With old Blite Xtra Strength it just did not have enough appetite suppression in the formula. I know a lot of people who complained about that.

OK so here is my review of the new BXtra Strength Energizing Fat Burner.

I can say that BXtra is everything the new name states. 😍

👉When I first tried the newly reformulated BXtra. I took it with my breakfast vitamins with my breakfast. I don’t feel any energy,I was really disappointed. Like I said when companies reformulate something its never the same…so I was thinking that way. So when the end of the day came on the first day of taking BXtra.
I was SHOCKED at how  much I had gotten done that day.

House work, laundry, yard work, office work. WOW. I was impressed! I did not take it for a few days after that as I was away and forgot to pack them. Came back, took 1 with breakfast and noticed that I was not hungry till 3 o’clock – that is when I usually have my dinner. I slept great because the BXtra gave me so much energy. I guess I wore myself out and slept like a baby. At this point I was not trying to lose weight.

👉Fast forward a few months to now. I am 66 years old and weigh 144 and need to lose a few pounds. I would like to lose 9 pounds if my body is happy with that. So I started taking BXtra everyday with my breakfast. I started counting my calories. Tried to stay at 1200 calories. ( I use the myfitnesspal app for that) After doing this for 5 days I lost 3 pounds. If I could take 1 BXtra twice a day I believe I would lose the weight I would like to. But I am fine where I am now thanks to BXtra Strength Energizing Fat Burner. Its been just over a week now , still going with 1 BXtra a day and 1200 calories. I have lost a 1 inch in my waist. I am very happy.😁

The side effects of taking BXtra is this. It will

  • curbs your cravings
  • suppresses your appetite
  • gives you all day energy
  • helps you reach your weight loss goals
  • burns fat
  • helps you lose inches 

Now that you know the “side effects” of BXtra Strength Energizing Fat Burner.
Are you ready to try it for yourself❓ 

Here is where I get my BXtra and you can too.


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