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B-Lite For Energy, Mental Clarity, Curbing Cravings And Much More
B-Lite Review Jennee J. , CA
Love the energy boost B-LITE gives me in my day to day and also when

I need a little more "umph" to get me through.
B-Lite Review Jody S., FL
Wow! I love my B-LITE!
One in the morning with my smoothie and one before my lunch makes
my long day fly by without feeling hungry. Helped me make it through
the holidays without gaining a pound and that's a first! **
B-Lite Review Michelle P. , CA
I have always struggled with sugar cravings and B-LITE has helped lower 
the urge for that 3PM chocolate attack!
I also have so much more energy. I love my "Happy Pill"! :) **
B-Lite Review Savannah M. , KS
I'm a dental student with two jobs. I really don't know how I'd handle it all without B LITE.
This stuff is AMAZING! It's easy to be busy when you're in a good mood all the time! ** 
B-Lite Review Laurel J. Union City, CA
B LITE gives me a "get up and go" feeling without the jitters...just when I need it. **
B-Lite Extra for even MORE energy!
B-Lite Review Trish K. FL
I Woke up this morning, took 1 B-Lite eXtra way before breakfast. Twenty minutes later I was ready to take on the world! Then my hubby cut down three BIG trees and I worked ALL day cleaning them up. Thanks to B-Lite Xtra we got it all done in one day. B-Lite Xtra gives you all day sustained energy.
Thank you Nutrisail for another wonderful product. **
Patricia Koch
B-Lite Review Patricia K. FL
This morning I woke up with BRAIN FOG. I took 1 B-Lite Xtra about 45 minutes before breakfast with a large glass of water.  Twenty minutes later my brain fog was GONE. **
B-Lite eXtra Rocks!
B-Pro With Digestive Enzymes and  Pro and Pre Biotics
Patricia K., Fl.
The very first time I took B-Pro just before bed I found that,
I slept better. I had no reflux. I woke up in the morning rested.
Most everyone takes their B-Pro before two meals. I take mine
before bed when it does the most good for me. **

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