Herbs For Women


Herbs For Women

  • Siberian Ginseng – The ultimate tonic, a mild aphrodisiac, memory enhancer, for physical stamina, stress reduction, clearer thinking, better decision making, faster recovery from illness or trauma. Known as an “adaptogen” it enables one to “adapt to changes in the environment both emotionally and physically.

  • White Atractylodes – Used in Chinese medicine to treat physical and mental fatigue, to improve “chi”. Better digestion – helps balance ability to reduce/increase amount of food eaten.

  • Astragulus – An organ toning and balancing herb, particularly stimulating to the immune system; It is an adaptogen - it has a balancing effect on bodily functions; it’s used by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine to strengthen or tone the body's overall vitality or “chi” – anti-aging.

  • Red Atractylodes – Energizes, detoxifies the body, retards aging, aids digestion and helps rid the body of excess water.

  • Licorice Root – Soothing effects on the genitourinary, digestive and respiratory systems. Especially helpful to support the adrenal glands for stress reduction. For sluggish metabolism, anti-oxidant – anti-aging

  • Green Tea – Energizer, anti-aging

  • Gymnema – Stabilizes blood sugar levels, curbs cravings for sweets

  • Gypenosides – Anti-aging antioxidant, helps the body burn more fat by boosting metabolism

  • Hawthorn –Tonic especially for cardiovascular health

  • Bitter Orange (Citrus Aurantium) - Burns fat, suppresses appetite, increases energy

  • Lotus Leaf – Helps remove fat from the blood stream, eliminate toxic waste, for digestion

  • Safflower – Relieves menstrual problems, helps to reduce fluid retention

  • Sicklepod Senna Seed (Cassia Tora) –Removes fat from the blood, improves digestion, brightens the eyes

  • Rhubarb – Assist the bowels in removal of toxins to support immune system

  • Chromium – Stabilize blood sugar and energy levels, reducing cravings for sweets

  • Fo-Ti – Rejuvenating tonic to increase vigor, encourage longevity and enhance fertility.

  • Lycium – Legendary for it’s ability to improve a woman’s skin, nourishes, fights effects of aging, repairs damaged tissue by increasing the production of critical growth hormones.

  • Dong Quai – For female problems including menstrual cramps, PMS, balances hormones

  • Cynomorium – Energy booster, rejuvenator of lagging sex drive

  • Ligusticum Wallichi – Increases energy, strengthens the immune system, brightens the eyes retards aging

  • White Peony – Helps balance hormones, nourishes the blood, slows aging process, pain reducer


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