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B-Lite For Energy - Mental Clarity - Curbing Cravings & Much More
B-Lite Review Jennee J. , CA
Love the energy boost B-LITE gives me in my day to day and also when

I need a little more "umph" to get me through.
B-Lite Classic Daily Energizer Review Trish K. Fl.
I take 1 capsule of the B-Lite Classic Daily Energizer every morning
when I wake. 20 minutes later I am ready to take on the world.
I never want to be without this product. I take thyroid meds,
NP thyroid for hypothyroid. Its not enough but doc says the prescription
is fine. I need more energy. B-Lite Classic does that for me
and it also gives me mental clarity and curbs my cravings for sweets.
Please don't ever stop  making this product. **
B-Lite Review Jody S., FL
Wow! I love my B-LITE!
One in the morning with my smoothie and one before my lunch makes
my long day fly by without feeling hungry. Helped me make it through
the holidays without gaining a pound and that's a first! **
B-Lite Review Michelle P. , CA
I have always struggled with sugar cravings and B-LITE has helped lower 
the urge for that 3PM chocolate attack!
I also have so much more energy. I love my "Happy Pill"! :) **
B-Lite Review Savannah M. , KS
I'm a dental student with two jobs. I really don't know how I'd handle it all without B LITE.
This stuff is AMAZING! It's easy to be busy when you're in a good mood all the time! ** 
B-Lite Review Laurel J. Union City, CA
B LITE gives me a "get up and go" feeling without the jitters...just when I need it. **
Bxtra Strength for even MORE energy!
B-Lite Review Trish K. FL
I Woke up this morning, took 1 B-Lite eXtra way before breakfast. Twenty minutes later I was ready to take on the world! Then my hubby cut down three BIG trees and I worked ALL day cleaning them up. Thanks to B-Lite Xtra we got it all done in one day. B-Lite Xtra gives you all day energy.
Thank you Nutrisail for another wonderful product. **
Patricia Koch
B-Lite Review Patricia K. FL
This morning I woke up with BRAIN FOG. I took 1 B-Lite Xtra about 45 minutes before breakfast with a large glass of water.  Twenty minutes later my brain fog was GONE. **
B-Lite eXtra Rocks!
Nutrisonic Relief Gel

Nutrisail Nutrisonic Healing Gell Trish K. Fl
This Nutrisonic Relief Gel Is AMAZING.  It has calmed my restless leg syndrome. So now I sleep better. I brused my finger and it was almost all black from the bruse. I rubbed the gel on 3 times before bed. Woke up the next morning with absolutely no brusing or pain in my finger.  Something bit me on the back of my neck. Rubbed the Relief Gel on like 3 times that day. Next day no signs of the bites. When my shoulder muscles get tight. I rub Nutrisail's Nutrisonic Relief Gel on my tight muscles and in about 20 minutes the tention is less. This Nutrisoni  gel is something everyone needs in their medicine cabinet. Its great for just about everything.

Gut IQ With Digestive Enzymes and  Pro and Pre Biotics
Patricia K., Fl.
The very first time I took Gut IQ just before bed I found that,
I slept better. I had no reflux. I woke up in the morning rested.
Most everyone takes their Gut IQ before two meals. I take mine
before bed when it does the most good for me. **


Patricia Koch
Independent Associate For Nutrisail

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