Dehydration can get UGLY

"Newly Recognized Thirst Perceptions.

"If a "dry mouth" is not the main indicator of thirst, what are the earlier and more accurate indicators of body dehydration?"

"Before dehydration hurts you irreversibly, your body will show its absolutely urgent need for water in any of the newly understood drastic ways listed below:


"1 - Asthma is a state of dehydration of the body when excess histamine is produced to promote water intake and ration the available water. Allergies are also indicators that the body has resorted to an increase in production of the brain chemical agent histamine. Histamine is primarily the sensor regulator produced by the brain when there is a comparative water shortage in the body. It engages in rationed distribution of the available water in situations of drought in the body.

"It is recognized that asthmatics have an increase in the histamine content of their lung tissue. The reason is that histamine and its subordinates must bring about a gradual contraction of the bronchial muscles. Since one of the sites for water loss through evaporation is in the lungs, the bronchial constriction produced by histamine means less water evaporation during the act of breathing. This is a simple maneuver to preserve some water when the body is dehydrated. This is the reason why asthma in no more then a state of dehydration. It is not a disease.

"2 - Allergies. Why does the body develop allergies? Histamine is an agent that has responsibilities in antibacterial, antiviral and defense systems against foreign materials - in addition to its water regulatory role in the body. At a normal level of water content of the body, these activities are silent or unexaggerated. In prolonged dehydration, when histamine- making becomes exaggerated for water regulation, an immune system activation of histamine-containing cells will release exaggerated amounts of the neurotransmitter. It is this excess release of histamine that produces the clinical picture of allergies. Both conditions, asthma and allergies, should be treated with a determined increase in water intake. On average, these conditions respond after three days to several weeks of water regulation of the body. Histamine production will decrease with an increase in the daily water intake.

"3 - All dyspeptic pains are produced by dehydration. Gastritus, duodenitis, heartburn and colitis pain should be treated with an increase in water intake alone since they are caused by dehydration. When there is the associated ulceration(s), attention to the daily diet to enhance the rate of repair of the ulcer site becomes necessary.

"There seems to be a mechanism that makes the defense barrier against the acid more effective when water enters the stomach. Water enters the small intestine and becomes absorbed. Almost immediately, an equal amount of water is resecreted into the stomach from the base of the grooves in its lining. It appears that this mechanishm exists to wash the mucus that lines the inner surface of the stomach of its salt deposits. When salt is washed away from the mucus, the mucus becomes thicker and healthier, making it a more effective barrier against the acid that is constantly produced in the stomach. This rejuvenating action of water on the mucus prevents the acid from reaching the stomach lining. It is the action of acid on the nerve endings in the lining of the stomach that causes the pain."


"Heartburn is the most vital sign of water shortage in the body."


"4 - Chronic arthritic joints (rheumatoid) and their pains are signals of water deficiency in the affected joint cartilage surfaces. Normally, the cartilage that covers the surface of the bones in joint cavities receives water and nutrients through the bone. In dehydration, the bone marrow takes priority over the cartilage for the water that goes through the bone structure. Under such circumstances, the water requirements of the cartilage have to be satisfied from the vessels that feed the capsule of the joint. The nerve-regulated shunting mechainisms and the increased circulation and swelling of the joint capsule produce the pain.

"The local pain is a primary indication that the painful joints are not fully prepared to endure pressure until they are fully hydrated. The arthritus pain also indicates that the pressure-bearing and normally well-lubricated gliding properties of the cartilage contact points are decreased because of lack of sufficient hydration. Water held in the cartilage of a joint is the lubricant that protects the contact surfaces of the joint."


Dr Batmanghelidj's book goes on to explain in detail how long standing, low grade dehydration plays a fundamental role in the presence of other ailments such as High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Chronic Fatique and Depression, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Strokes. For much more information, or to purchase copies of this publication, go to


What is adequate hydration for one's body? How is the drinking of water best done throughout each day?

Your body needs a minimum of half your body weight in ounces of water every day. A person weighing 120 lbs should drink an absolute minimum of 60 ounces of water each day; and person weighing 225 would drink at least l10 ounces each day.

Alcohol, coffee, tea, soft drinks, lemon-in-the-water and anything else but plain, uncontaminated water does not count as water. Chlorine and fluoride are considered contaminants, so municipal tap water is out.

Best times to drink water: First thing in the morning before anything else is ingested. Take in a quart inside of 20 minutes. If difficult at first, take as much as you can without the stomach beginning to feel achey, and increase the amounts in successive days. Very soon you will see your stomach improving its capacity, as you keep it up. Other effective times to drink water: 16 ounces one half hour before each meal. Then 16 ounces before going to bed.

You owe it to yourself to see all the benefits to be realized when your body is properly hydrated for several consecutive weeks.

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From "Water: Rx for a Healthier Pain-Free Life" by Dr.F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.