Nutrisail B-Safe

When is the best time to take Nutrisail B-Safe

I was asked when was the best time to take Nutrisail B-Safe. So I asked the formulator of the BSafe from Nutrisail. Here is his response.

The closer to the meal the better. Some of the ingredients work on contact in the stomach and others work down the line with the body’s natural filtration and repair functions. The daily detox effect should go nice and smoothly for most without any uncomfortable symptoms. Some may have temporary effects that can be handled by reducing the product and increasing exercise (walking is enough) and pure water.

This is exactly how I take my B-Safe, right before I take my first bite. That is when it does the most good for your body.

For those of you that do not know BSafe from Nutrisail is a powerful immune booster and daily cleanser. B-Safe has helped me loose a few inches in my waist and I no longer get belly bloat.

If you have not given BSafe yet. Give it a try. What have you got to loose?

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